gayle w.  

My experience with Dr. Kim has been wonderful.  I originally went to see him for a sprained ankle and after the first session I was able to walk without pain. After discussing other issues I was having I decided to keep going for a bit. So, now after 6 visits, my hot flashes (due to menopause) has been drastically reduced in intensity and frequency.  I am able to sleep through the night now, as well as had the constant ringing in my ears (tinnitus) completely stopped. I am so impressed with my results and I can just imagine how I will feel after 6 more sessions.  My insurance does not cover this service, but I think it is really worth it.  I just feel so much better overall, in fact, I haven't felt this good in a very long time.  Again, worth every bit.

dr. young lee, clinical psychologist.

I was suffering with moderate lower back pain while I was vacationing in California. My level of pain was about 3 in a scale of 10 where 10 is most severe. I found Dr. Kim through internet. He put small needles on my foot and hand all together four or five. It was so gentle, I felt nothing. After first session, I was not sure, if it really helped. However, after second visit, I felt definite improvement. I stayed in town one more week and I was treated 3 more sessions to make sure I will be OK in travelling. If my pain was more acute, I believe the result would be more evident after the first session. A week later after the treatment, I came home. I felt good, and my overall health condition is optimistic.  As I observed, Dr. Kim was constantly researches and give honest effort for each of his patients.  Dr. Kim explains that he tries to attack the source of illness or symptoms. That is the reason he puts the needles not the local area where pain took place. Acupuncture is a science as well as a healing art.  Dr. Kim has superb training and more so he has healer's touching hand. I recommend him for those who has health issues.

dori s. 

I met Dr. Kim with a lengthy list of symptoms that I had been experiencing, off and on, over the course of many years. My most acute and chronic symptoms were a series of gastrointestinal issues. After a lengthy discussion "we" decided that the root cause of all my symptoms and complaints, did indeed stem from my sadly suffering "gut" and a low functioning immune system. I agreed to have acupuncture for a least a one month, and then to re-evaluate my condition. I justified the expense by telling myself that my health was worth as much as having my car repaired, which I wouldn't hesitate to do if it needed major mechanical maintenance or repairs. Out-of-pocket expenses often become a financial obstacle, for many people seeking care, if health insurance does not cover alternative treatment options that often work extremely well, and are very effective. I decided to take a leap of faith and my journey began.. I started coming for acupuncture treatments, twice a week, and noticed an immediate calming of my digestion. I agreed to discontinue my Probiotics for one month, to see if I could attribute  any improvement in my condition to the acupuncture treatments. Indeed I could! I continued for the agreed up month and then decided for additional immune support, to take the herbal medicine prescription that Dr. Kim formulated, specifically for me and my condition.
It was easy to take twice a day, dissolved in hot water, on an empty stomach. I experienced no negative side effects whatsoever. The positive side effect was that I have not had a bout of indigestion, heartburn, or stomach pain since my first few acupuncture treatments. I felt an overwhelming sense of calm and well-being after each treatment and I would love to continue coming more often, for some specific concerns, but it is beyond my financial means, at this time. I will continue with the twice a month maintenance treatments, to help improve my immune function and maintain my calm digestion. Dr. Kim is open for questions, has a gentle touch and obvious experience in placing the acupuncture needles, as well as a very calming presence. This was an added benefit, as I had been experiencing a lot of general anxiety and grief, in my life. Dr. Kim is well trained and I am confident that he could help many people feel better and function better. Dr. Kim likes to keep it simple, and I tried my best to be patient, to keep an open heart and mind, breathe in the calm, and trust in the healing process. This approach allowed me to reap in the healing benefits of acupuncture and herbal medicine. An experience I would highly recommend and often do! Warm regards, Dr. Kim! 

brooke h.  

After weeks of persistent pain and countless visits with all sorts of doctors from spine surgeon to chiropractor, no one could diagnose if i had a pinched nerve, actual vertebrae injury, or carpal tunnel. I had bouts of numbness in my shoulders, arms, and hands along with EXTREMELY tight shoulders, and neck pain. No amount of muscle relaxers, or pain meds were helping me and i felt hopeless. After the 4th or 5th person/doctor told me to try acupuncture, (and after a full blown exhaustion-induced meltdown) I finally gave in. I am a needle phobic and have had to have sedatives in the past for blood work or tests to be done, so i truly had to reach the point of desperation to even consider it. Dr. Kim was recommended as the best in the area so I made an appointment. We discussed my symptoms and pain and he said my pain would be gone in 6 visits. I thought that sounded too good to be true but decided to schedule 6 visits. I just finished my 6th treatment yesterday, and while my symptoms and pain are not 100% gone, I cannot even believe the amount of improvement and relief from severe pain i have gotten from acupuncture. It is a very strange feeling and i really had to put myself into a meditative mindset during each visit to handle the fact that there were tiny needles all over my body for over 30 minutes at a time, but i made it through and am so thankful i faced my fear and trusted him. I strongly believe that the acupuncture helped me and think that it would be more effective if i had an actual diagnosis (it's a little harder to treat unknown problems i think). I would highly recommend Dr. Kim to anyone with chronic pain or other issues that other doctor's can't seem to figure out. I am still searching for answers and pursuing other treatments such as chiropractic, but am beyond thankful for the relief and help i got from Dr. Kim and will return if needed.

brian v.  

At age fifty-six, I suffered a sudden stroke that left me paralyzed on my entire left-side. I was left in a semi comatose state, and as a result, lost the ability to speak and control my bowel movements completely. In desperation, my wife ended up driving me to Dr. Kim's house at 4:00 in the morning for help. For the next 6 months, I underwent intensive acupuncture treatment, and also received prescribed Chinese, medicinal herbs. Five years later today, I'm back at work; and while, I'm still undergoing regular checkups for maintenance, it's only short of a miracle that I'm alive and well today. I cannot begin to describe the gratitude I have for Dr. Kim and his continual devotion to patients like myself. In return, all I can do is relay my story and only hope that you take this personal testimony to heart. I have referred Dr. Kim to many patients, and all can only say equally warm sentiments about him and his devoted practice. If you're looking to place your entire trust in a committed doctor and mentor, look no further.

jill r. 

I went to Dr. Kim after I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy.  He made me feel very comfortable and the recovery time was much less than expected.  I am so happy I went!

*Treatment fees are subject to change